Salernitana vs Teramo – 21.05.2015

Salernitana vs TeramoAs the italien sports news tell us, the previous game, between Salernitana and Novara was an entertainig game, they made a real show on the field, playing for the Super Cup-Pro League.

We expect the game of today, Salernitana against Teramo, to offer the once again a great show, playing on the arechi stadium, where the Salernitana are hosting the Teramos.

It would be the 10th match between these two formations, and in fact the statistic are showing that the Salernitana have had five winnings, three draws and one win for the Teramo.

Claudio Lotito, the president of the Lazio football team, is also the president o Salernitana, and as we know Lazio yesterday has played the finals with Juventus, for the title of The Cup of Italy. Salernitana versus Teramo, initaly was also scheduled for yesterday, but as the president, Claudio Lotito, wasn-t going mad for the idea of having both teams playing at the same time and him not being there, he decided to change the date of the game, for today, maybe hoping to bring two titles home, in 24 hours, instead of one or none. We-ll just have to wait and see how this story turns out.

The Teramos are willing to give it all just to have a positive result against Salernitana, because in that case they„ll have the opportunity to play a real final match against Novara and maybe have a shot at the title of ”Supercoppa della Lega Pro”.

The Salernitana are much better placed, then the opponents of the match tomorrow, but the motivation is there for both teams, so if the odds are probably on the hosts, based on the results and winnings, so be it.