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Sometimes loyalty is not rewarded in sports betting as in life, it is always good to know who is playing against who and deciding on whether to go with either of the players or none instead of just doing it haphazardly. So with the advice on how to be better at betting is it possible to bet for free? Yes, it’s possible but how?

Free Bets
  • With many online bookmakers available, many are resorting to giving out free bets in order to attract and encourage participation from new customers. So registration with any such bookmakers could be done and betting continues after the registration..

  • But it is always advisable to familiarize yourself with what that free bet comes attached to. Basically, free bets are amounts of money given by bookmakers to place a bet. When a bet is placed with the free bet and you lose the bet, then there is no loss on your part; no harm no foul. But when you win, you are only entitled to the profits gained and not the capital invested.

  • For example, you place abet worth $40 and your selection is 5:1 and you win, then you will only get the $200 as the initial $40 will not be counted as yours. These free bets’ usage is pre-determined by the bookmaker and some require that you place your individual bet first and adds something if you win. There are also instances that free bets are given when outcomes are decided in more than 2 events. Therefore, because all the free bets are decided by the bookmaker, do not just rush in because the word “FREE” appears but be sure to peruse the terms and conditions related to these free bets.

  • So since most of your betting gains are dependent on the bookmakers or “bookie” as they are known, how do you spot a good bookmaker?
Online Bookmaker’s Qualities
  • As much as betting is about money, finding a bookmaker who is more interested in you than your money is a good thing. This is a bookmaker that has your best interests at heart and who makes betting and the requisite procedures easy to understand and provides assistance when needed.

  • People’s opinions do matter, and finding a bookmaker with good rapport is beneficial as you are sure that others who have used his/her services have been attended to. Incentives are always an added bonus as who doesn’t like free stuff? Bookmakers who provide bonuses are better than those who don’t, so finding a bookmaker that fits these basic criteria will ensure the betting is easy and enjoyable.

Top Uk Bookmakers – Free Bets and Bonuses